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Unleashed Grooming and Dog Daycare

During this time of COVID-19, we are doing private classes for the cost of group classes with each class specifically designed for you and your dog's needs.

Consultations are free - check out our website for more information.

Space is limited so contact us ASAP.

PAWZ Enrichment

is pleased to announce the most innovative, flexible, and cost-effective way to take group dog, training classes. You and your dog can take as much or as little training as you want with the flexible schedule you need.

Levels Training

Consists of four skill levels. Each level introduces new skills to your dog while continuing to practice previous skills with more and more distractions. Although each level has specific skill requirements that must be met prior to moving on to the next level, you and your dog progress through the levels at your own pace. In 8 weeks you can move through all four levels or choose to stay at a level where your dogs need more confidence. During your period of enrollment, you can attend as much or as little training as you like. The choice is yours!

Start in Puppy Basics (4-9 months old). Bring your questions about raising your new dog and set them on a path to a great family pet. Then move up to Basic Manners when ready to start an older dog in Basics Manners and progress through the levels as fast as your dog learns each skill. All dogs much take Basic Manners even if you have done training elsewhere, your dog will move up fast and be able to go on to more advanced training or other fun lessons like Recall Games, Tricks, Agility and more.

Benefits of Levels Training over traditional classes

  • Level 1 classes start approximately every three weeks so there is little wait to enroll your dog in class.
  • All the dogs at each level are at a similar stage in training. This allows instructors to better address the needs of each dog. 
  • Work at your own skill level for as long as necessary. No falling behind since there is no requirement to move up. 
  • Students can revisit a lower level at any time to brush up on previous skills.
  • Dogs move in and out of each level throughout the training, which provides new dogs as distractions each week. 
  • Students can take time off if they have a very busy week or go out of town. Just return to class at the same level without fear of falling behind.
  • Have extra time in your schedule? Attend more than one session a week if you are able to do so. 

All classes are positive reinforcement, choice-based. This method is lots of fun and involves catching actions and behaviors that you like in your dog and marking them with rewards that your dog finds motivating.