They were busy and had me in and out under 10 mins. Thank you

Lance P | 5 Stars

Took both my dogs for nail trims. Fast and simple! Very nice employees as well!

Shana N | 5 Stars

Wouldn't take Zona anywhere else! These guys are always willing to go the extra mile for me. Thank you!

Garhett Langer | 5 Stars

Went on vacation and left our lab honey! It was great to be able to watch her playing on the cameras! She was exhausted when she came home & smelled like she had even received a bath before coming home!
Great place for a playful dog to stay while you are on vacation.

Kara M | 5 Stars

I moved to Bismarck about a month ago and was anxious about my puppy during the move. But daycare at Unleashed has become the favorite part of every day for her, and the staff is so helpful, professional, and kind. I would recommend any/all of their services to any and everyone!

Sarah C | 5 Stars

We used the daycare for our dog, Remi, while we were in town staying at the KOA. They were super friendly, very caring, and could not beat the price (compared to the price of doggie daycare in the Twin Cities). Our dog was worn out after every visit, which is what we needed when she is a highly energized dog. It was a clean facility, with great staff. We will definitely use again when we are back in town!

Tara C | 5 Stars

I've only been taking my dog for about a month but I absolutely love it! Luna is still warming up to the other doggos, but it's so awesome for her to have somewhere to be other than home where she'd spend the day sleeping. I also have no idea how they do it, but she always comes home smelling delicious. Their grooming is also top notch! I can't wait for her to blow her winter coat and have these awesome ladies brush it out for me!! Suuuuuper impressed!

Malory Mildenberger | 5 Stars

This place is amazing, First of all I walked in and saw Kim and was immediately at ease. She has been an puppy advocate for soooo many years! It was like I was dropping my baby off for the first time (teary eyed mess) As for my pup, she was off and running. I sat at my desk and watched my girl play with the other dogs on the link that the ladies provided. I didn't get much work done but I did get in a lot of giggles. This was SamiGirl's first day of doggy day care and I am happy to say it will not be the last...She already asked to go back. Tanks Ladies!!

Lia Shreve | 5 Stars

I'm so thankful there is a place like this! Zoey has been there a few days now, and it's such a good feeling knowing you can go about your work day and not have to keep your animal in the kennel. You can watch the animals on the computer via webcam for a little entertainment! The staff is so nice and friendly with all the animals, and when we get home, you can tell the animals had a fun energetic day because she is pooped out haha! So glad she can socialize with other dogs and get some energy out while mom and dad are at work :) Thank you Unleashed!

April Lyn Heinz | 5 Stars

I was a little weary about leaving my pup with people I didn't know, only because my pup isn't the friendliest of pups and hasn't had a whole lot of exposure to other dogs. They let me introduce him to two of their dogs for a while. They were patient with me as I waited around to make sure my pup wasn't a bully. They let all of the other dogs out of the back room to the front after a while and all was well. He's been back three times. He gets excited about "daycare" and wiggles his tail incessantly as we go into the building. He comes home tuckered out and happy. He's a border collie, so it isn't easy to get him worn out to the point where he still doesn't want to play. The ladies are friendly. They must truly love pups. I enjoy taking him to daycare. I enjoy seeing the photos during the day of him playing and having fun. It makes it all the easier to leave him in the morning. Thanks for providing such great services in our community!!

Alicia Miller Rixen | 5 Stars

This place was just great! We were traveling through and I decided to get my akita, Nina, groomed since no one groom's big dogs in our town and we would be doing some shopping. I ended up here by mistake and I'm so glad I did! They got Nina right in that morning without an appointment, got my baby of a dog (seriously I've never seen someone make such a fuss over her paws being touched), who also thinks she'll melt if water touches her, washed, brushed, dried, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, pretty much everything you can think of, all done in 2 hours and called to let me know. I don't think Nina has ever looked as good or smell as good as she does now. Plus the price was amazing! Less than half what I was planning on spending, and would've spent going somewhere like pet smart. Definitely recommend!

Amy Newton | 5 Stars

Our dog loves it here! She is always tired out when she gets home. The place is cute and clean and the staff is always so nice. It's a great feeling knowing that your dog is safe and having fun!

Samantha Bishop | 5 Stars

Our Boxer had so much fun at Unleashed. The staff is incredible; there is no doubt they love the dogs! When Maverick came home from doggie daycare he ate and then slept the entire night! He was so worn out from playing and having fun. He will definitely be returning.

Alicia Ripplinger | 5 Stars

They did a great job grooming my shih-tzu poodle! In the past, my dog was left scared and shaking but she was happy when I came to pick her up from Unleashed. Jazzy seems to really care about the animals there. I couldn't be happier!

Jessie Meckle | 5 Stars

All the dogs were clearly having a great time and it was fun to watch our dog socialize with them! The space was clean and the staff were friendly and easy to work with.

Max Buchholz | 5 Stars

This place is awesome! My dog Bourbon loves spending the day here with the other dogs. He comes home exhausted from playing so much. Love knowing he's in good hands while we are at work. Highly recommended!

Jasmine Joy | 5 Stars

Just picked up my pup Kuya from here and they did a wonderful job for his 1st grooming. He even came home with the most adorable bandana. He's a very happy boy today! I will definitely be back!

Roy Chiles | 5 Stars

My dog loved it here. They are so professional and sweet. Love the idea of a report card! Thanks for taking such good care of my furbaby!

Stephanie Marie Thorson | 5 Stars

I'm really pleased to say they really know what they are doing my dog looks so cute definetly staying with unleashed and taking the 1 hour 30 minute drive thanks

Celia Horton | 5 Stars

Alex is the best! Our pups have never came home choppy or any less than perfect!

Amanda Hochhalter | 5 Stars

What a great place!! Just picked up my Great Dane from getting groomed. I could tell he had a great time while there. Everyone is wonderful & nice & the atmosphere is so welcoming. I'll definitely be returning!!

Samantha Dobransky | 5 Stars

My puppies LOVE going to daycare and I love bringing home tired pups. Thanks unleashed for taking the crazies off my hands for a bit!

Emily Brick | 5 Stars

The staff is very friendly and always do an amazing job grooming my dog.

Jaden Fettig | 5 Stars

Did an awesome job!!!! My dog loved it also!!!!!!! Definitely coming back, and would recommend to anyone looking for an awesome groomer!

Jacob Griffin | 5 Stars

My Puppy Charlie loves it at Unleashed, the staff are very nice. Very clean I would recommend the daycare anytime!!!!!!!

Terersa C Chatman | 5 Stars